SEO In 2024 – Strategies to Adopt & Leave Behind

SEO In 2024 - What To Adopt and What To Leave Behind

Are you feeling apprehensive about SEO in 2024? As technology continues to advance, so do search engine algorithms and optimization techniques. In this fast-paced industry, it’s important to stay updated and adapt to the latest trends in order to have an effective SEO strategy in 2024. Let’s delve into the future of SEO and discover […]

SEO & Creativity Identified As Top Skills For 2020 In Microsoft Poll

Top Skills of 2020

Microsoft conducted a poll on LinkedIn with its six hundred senior marketers participants from around the globe to set a list of the most important and impactful trends in marketing for the next decade of the 2020s. This study enabled Microsoft to draw a trend list of hard and soft skills where SEO took the leading position under […]

FTC Cracking Down on Fake Reviews, Tweets, and Followers – Finally!

Fake Reviews Being Targeted

How deep is the state of ‘fake reviews’ in digital marketing? In a recent article on CrunchBase, Sarah Perez reports on one of the first FTC actions on fake reviews. In this case, the Devumi Company which sold thousands of fake reviews, likes, follows, etc., on social media and online platforms, settled for $2.5M. FTC […]

One-Click WordPress SSL Setup Offered For Free

Over the past few months, we started hearing rumblings that Google would soon start showing a default ‘not secure warning’ of a non-secured website to users of its Chrome browser. Between the hacking of Yahoo accounts, to the Wikileaks documents about government spying, people are more wary of a “non-secured” anything on the internet these […]

The Basics of Google TensorFlow

How will Google’s new code effect you? In a rather quiet and innocuous way, Google has just released its latest iteration of the software, giving machines (think phones, tablets, computers, etc) the ability to actually learn. In an article posted by Jeff Dean and Rajat Monga, Google’s new code is something that arose from another […]

Google Temporarily De-Indexing WIX Sites

WIX SITE DEINDEXED? WIX Sites Suffer Temporary De-indexing By Google According to several articles popping up around the web, WIX sites have been dropping out of the Google index over the last several days. Wix is a platform for building websites using a proprietary structure. Google is said to be working on the issue and […]