Don’t Be Shy, Introduce Yourself!


It stands to reason that given there are only 10 results on Google Page One, not every business in your niche can have a 1st-page listing. That being said, we are rather picky about whom we work with. Ideally, we look for passionate business owners looking to grow their business beyond the status quo. We want to make sure we serve those who are ready to expand!

We can work with clients who have:

1. An Active business with a willingness to grow. With rare exception,  our digital marketing services are best for companies that are set up and going and looking to grow.

2. A steady flow of leads and customers or at least, the ability to handle them. Possibly you’re getting some traffic and making some sales already. You don’t have to be a household name…You just need to be PRESENT in your market.

3. Integrity. Everything we do together will not only be bringing you more sales and profits, but we’ll be doing it in a way that creates MASSIVE goodwill in your market.

That’s it! Those are all our requirements.

If you meet the criteria above and would like to speak with us personally about getting your incredible results, then we will happily set aside some time for you. Here’s how the process works: First, fill out the introduction form below.

Not to worry,  we will never harass you with phone calls saying “this is Google, and you’re not showing up”…yes, we even get those too! We review your present status online, your goals, and so forth…then you’ll hear back from us in the form of a video link which you can view at any time giving you a full overview of your digital presence.

All of the information you provide is held in the strictest confidence and never shared with any outside party or organization.


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