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Brent Sparks - Founder - Sparks SEO LLC

Brent Sparks


Brent is a professional SEO & Online marketer. He got his first computer, a Mac Plus way back in the late 80's. From that day forward he has held a fascination and passion for all things related to computers and the internet. Being one of the first few thousand members of AOL, Brent saw that the future was going to be a After having a long and distinguished career as a sound engineer in the music industry, Brent realized he had gained the knowledge, skill, and insight to start his own internet marketing company. As destiny would have it, once he made the decision, he found himself in the midst of a mastermind group of some of the worlds best SEOs and internet marketers. He frequently travels the US and abroad for conferences and events such as The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to stay informed on cutting edge strategies that benefit Sparks SEO's clients. Brent has dedicated himself helping businesses of all kinds discover the amazing power of both paid and organic search through digital marketing.

Natalie Sparks Coming Soon - Sparks SEO LLC

Natalie Sparks

Public Relations Specialist

Natalie is a Public Relations Specialist. With an extensive background in business management, accounting, customer service and communications, Natalie understands the importance of first and ongoing contact with a business and brings a refreshing and relatable personability to Sparks SEO. As a Millennial, Natalie has evolved in the digital age allowing her to have a firm grasp of the importance of online business presence. Natalie has a passion for helping people achieve their professional as well as personal goals. Continually educating herself on the ever-evolving world of SEO, reputation management, web design, and social media, Natalie has a gift for understanding the goals of clients and their businesses and using the power of technology to help them reach those goals.