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Have You Been Hacked?

If your WordPress site has been hacked, i.e., when someone goes to your WordPress site they get redirected to somewhere else, or your site shows up as “This site may be hacked” in Google, don’t panic – but don’t wait either!

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Malware is a serious issue to your bottom line and in more ways than one. We’re not just an SEO company, we have a depth of knowledge based on real-world experience. Having dealt with the issue of malicious tampering of websites, we have armed ourselves with the tools and expertise necessary to thwart, repair, and protect any WordPress site from malware and the like.

We’re confident that if your site isn’t back up and running within 24hrs, you owe us nothing.

Defending Your Cyberspaces

There are literally thousands of malware, hacks, and intrusion techniques in the wild today, looking to prey on less than secure WordPress installations. Why? Largely due to the fact that the WordPress platform has grown over the years from a simple personal blogging application to a full-blown content management system. From mom & pop storefronts to the New York Times, more and more companies are realizing the power and versatility of the WP platform. This has also caught the attention of those who would hack and exploit the software to gain access to company information.