The Basics of Google TensorFlow

How will Google’s new code effect you?

In a rather quiet and innocuous way, Google has just released its latest iteration of the software, giving machines (think phones, tablets, computers, etc) the ability to actually learn. In an article posted by Jeff Dean and Rajat Monga, Google’s new code is something that arose from another project begun in 2011, “DistBelief“. This project proved that a computer code could actually pick out and identify a cat from random unlabeled YouTube images.

Now comes the release of Google’s second-generation machine learning system, TensorFlow. TensorFlow is a completely open source creation and is specifically designed to correct the shortcomings of it’s an earlier sibling, which among other things, was its complexity and the inability to share it with the software world in general.

What Does This Mean For Mere Mortals?

In a nutshell, TensorFlow is a software program that makes machines smarter, much smarter. One could only assume that this technology is already running on the search engine giant’s data centers and helping to refine and hone the results we see in our search for things we’re curious about.

Machine learning is all part of helping the world solve problems and find answers to it’s most pressing questions.

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