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What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimization is like a crew fine tuning a race car. Your business’s online presence needs expert optimization to get the checkered flag by search engines against your competition. There’s nothing like the thrill of customer after customer saying “I found you on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. And because no two businesses are exactly alike, cheap, cookie-cutter solutions often do more harm than good.

What can you do for me?


We are here to help you where you are missing out on opportunities to significantly increase your bottom line and win, win, win. With 97% of shoppers using the internet to find the product or service they want, time is of the essence in getting a winning strategy to compel those buyers to come to you! And, that’s what we do!

How can I get started?


If you’re tired of not being the first choice for your product or service, or you’re just ready to take make the next big shift, simply head over to our Introductory Page, take and fill out the brief and unintrusive questionnaire. We will examine your online presence, your goals, and your current strategy at no cost to you. We love to win and we love helping small business to win!

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Outrank Your Competition!

Hello! I’m Brent Sparks, owner of Sparks SEO, a premier service based in Franklin, TN. If you’re in business, you have no doubt received the “This is Google…” phone call. Yes, we get them too oddly enough. We will never call you saying we’re Google. Our search engine marketing service will, however, enhance your existing web and social media presence for your business. Our company is part of a mastermind group of highly successful online marketing professionals, widely regarded as the best of the best. On the whole, we rank on page one of Google for literally thousands of high-quality search terms. This is why you can count on our knowledgeable service to get your business in front of a multitude of your potential clients, buyers, or patrons. The biggest difference between our company and others is that in addition to adhering to best practices, we are continuously training, testing, and staying current. This ensures your online presence grows and grows safely. We have the insight, expertise, and tenacity that is essential in giving your business an unfair advantage in the search engine marketplace.

Why Online Marketing?

If you have not yet realized the power of search engine marketing or the extraordinary benefits of online advertising, then consider these facts

  • In 2018, businesses paid Google over $116 Billion to advertise products and services using Google paid advertising.
  • Up over $10 Billion from 2017.
  • These figures are expected to continue to rise in 2019.
  • Meaning Google Page One organic is the new Class A Prime Commercial real estate of the 21st century!
  • That is the power of organically ranking on page one of Google search with your business.

Get a Big Business Boost

Every day your potential customer searches the internet. What they see on Google Page One is where they will do business 97% of the time. Therefore, we work to ensure your company is dominant on page one (having multiple listings). Due to this your business becomes perceived as the most trusted source for the item or service they are searching for. This level of confidence equals more customers picking up the phone and calling you and/or visiting your place of business! Our services work to help your business grow and profit. Online marketing has far and away outstripped other forms of reaching potential customers due in large part to the overwhelming use of mobile-friendly search. As a result, the return on investment for properly executed digital marketing is unprecedented.

To provide a high quality of service, we limit the number of clients served in a given space over a specified period.  To find out if we are a good fit for your business, take a few short minutes to fill in our Introduction Form.

Google Annual Advertising Revenue 2001-2018

I found Brent's company via a recommendation and I am certainly happy I did . He gets results

Surech Kay - Owner - Zen DigiMedia

Excellent experience working with Brent, he knows how to get results! Highly Recommended.

Thierry Vaillancourt - Business Owner

Brent has an air of relaxed confidence about himself and his business and for good reason, he get's results. Highly recommended!

Jason Spencer - Founder - GrowMy.Company